Use breadcrumbs to note the path of a record and help the user to navigate back to the parent. Visitors needs to know their location in the site’s hierarchical structure in order to possibly browse to a higher level in the hierarchy.

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Navigation Breadcrumbs

Example of breadcrumbs used with the Compact Navigation

1. Design Guideline

Breadcrumbs are consist of three part:

1.1 Active Links

1.2 Last Breadcrumbs

1.3 Separator

1.1 Active Links

Active link are path records and help user to navigate to the parent page.

1.2 Last Breadcrumbs

Last breadcrumbs shows the current page.

1.3 Separator

Separator are use to indicate hierarchical for the breadcrumbs path.

2. Implementation Notes

No content has been added for this component.

3. Reference

MaGIC Symbol can be found here .SVG , .png , .AI