Activity Timeline

The activity timeline displays each of the user’s upcoming, current, and past activities.
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1. Design Guideline

There are three main part of an activity timeline.

1.1 Date label

1.2 Connector

1.3 Content

1.1 Date Label

Date label are using Universal full date/time pattern which corresponds to dd MM YYYY, DD

Activity timeline are sorted by latest entry first.

1.2 Connector

Connector consist of;

1.2.1 Top cap - This element indicates the latest point of activity of a particular date.

1.2.2 Success circle, pending circle/ cancel circle - This element indicate passed activity with a solid green circle and indicate upcoming activity with a green stroked circle.

1.2.3 Body line - This element indicate the content area for the particular activity.

1.3 Content

Content are generated dynamically. As for design the content can be generate using the wapi panel

Content consist of;

1.3.1 Services Label

1.3.2 Time of Activity took place.

1.3.3 Generated activity message base on user action with the services.

1.3.4 View details button - This link will prompt the user the front-end page of the selected services.

2. Implementation Notes

No content has been added for this component.